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More Diaper Gifts

Just a few of the items I made for my shop this week.  I had a great weekend at the shop last week so I had to stock back up.  I made three diaper cakes, two diaper wreaths and two gift boxes this week.  Hopefully I have another great weekend!


What I have been working on.

SO my shop has been really busy lately, and up until yesterday I have been slacking…big time! I do have somewhat of an excuse, a sinus infection and bronchitis! I haven’t been feeling well for awhile, and I guess I had a horrible sinus infection that went to my lungs…ugh!! I have been on a cocktail of about 30 medicines(exaggeration!) for the last couple of weeks, and I am now finally starting to feel better.  Anyway, I had a lot of catching up to do.

The washcloth lollipops are a huge seller at my shop.  Probably because they are so inexpensive and cute.  I like to keep the smaller diaper cakes along with the larger ones,  they make really cute inexpensive gifts.  The mini diaper cakes are great for table centerpieces at baby showers as well.

I did a few gift boxes that I filled with washcloth candies, and the cupcakes below!

I desperately need to make more recycled crayons, I have promised myself that I will get those done this weekend!

Special Gifts

Ladybug Towel Cake

I had a special order for two towel cakes.  The first one was for a Pixar Cars Cake, the second was for a Ladybug Theme Cake.  I live in a very small town, so material is very limited.  I could have ordered some items online, but since I only needed a couple of items the shipping would have been to much. I try to keep most of my gifts under the $20.00 range, so I have to be carfeul how much I put into the gifts I make.  These paticular cakes contain a bath towel, hand towel and a washcloth. I add items depending on the theme, but I always include a bath soap of some type and a bath pouf.  I knew these were going to a couple of small children so I added a couple of fun outside toys like jump ropes, bubbles, garden tools and of course some of my homemade crayons.   I think these make great, practical, fun gifts for kids!

Wrapped and Ready