Candy Sushi

Candy Sushi

I made these cute little snacks recently for my son’s birthday. They are so simple to make and the kids as well as the adults loved them. I had many treats to make so I went the simplest route possible by buying packaged rice crispie treats. If I had more time I would have opted for homemade rice crispie treats. You can change the colors up however you want. Next time I think I will go with green fruit roll ups and all red Sweedish Fish.

What you need to make 16-

1 box 8 count rice crispie treats
1 bag Sweedish Fish
6-8 Fruit by the Foot fruit rolls

Cut the crispie treats in half, sit the fish on top and wrap with enough of the fruit roll to go all the way around. It’s that easy! The seam of the fruit roll should be in the back. The fruit roll is sticky enought that you don’t have to use anythnig to secure it.