Candy Sushi

Candy Sushi

I made these cute little snacks recently for my son’s birthday. They are so simple to make and the kids as well as the adults loved them. I had many treats to make so I went the simplest route possible by buying packaged rice crispie treats. If I had more time I would have opted for homemade rice crispie treats. You can change the colors up however you want. Next time I think I will go with green fruit roll ups and all red Sweedish Fish.

What you need to make 16-

1 box 8 count rice crispie treats
1 bag Sweedish Fish
6-8 Fruit by the Foot fruit rolls

Cut the crispie treats in half, sit the fish on top and wrap with enough of the fruit roll to go all the way around. It’s that easy! The seam of the fruit roll should be in the back. The fruit roll is sticky enought that you don’t have to use anythnig to secure it.


More Diaper Gifts

Just a few of the items I made for my shop this week.  I had a great weekend at the shop last week so I had to stock back up.  I made three diaper cakes, two diaper wreaths and two gift boxes this week.  Hopefully I have another great weekend!

What I have been working on.

SO my shop has been really busy lately, and up until yesterday I have been slacking…big time! I do have somewhat of an excuse, a sinus infection and bronchitis! I haven’t been feeling well for awhile, and I guess I had a horrible sinus infection that went to my lungs…ugh!! I have been on a cocktail of about 30 medicines(exaggeration!) for the last couple of weeks, and I am now finally starting to feel better.  Anyway, I had a lot of catching up to do.

The washcloth lollipops are a huge seller at my shop.  Probably because they are so inexpensive and cute.  I like to keep the smaller diaper cakes along with the larger ones,  they make really cute inexpensive gifts.  The mini diaper cakes are great for table centerpieces at baby showers as well.

I did a few gift boxes that I filled with washcloth candies, and the cupcakes below!

I desperately need to make more recycled crayons, I have promised myself that I will get those done this weekend!

Old Navy Flip Flops $1.00!!!

This Saturday 5/22/10 at most Old Navy stores many styles of the Women’s, Men’s, and Kid’s flip flops will be on sale for just $1.00!

There will be a limit of 5 pairs per person.

Many stores will be opening up early so go get in line for the best selection!

It would also be a good idea t0 call your local Old Navy to get the scoop on if they’re participating, when they’ll be opening, etc.

Newest Creation

Here are pictures of the Teacup Bird Feeders hubby and I made over the weekend.  We took them to the shop and already have people asking for more.  We used a variety of different patterns. They are so cute and can be used for bird feeders, bird baths, for small potted plants, add sugar water and attract butterflies and hummingbirds and you can add sand and a tealight candle for a perfect addition to your fairy garden!

Teacup Bird Feeder