A little about me

Hi! I’m Michelle, a wife to my husband of 24 years, mother of two great kids , weekend junker and wanna be couponer.   I’m am easily distracted and a much better texter than phone talker!  I am always cooking or baking something new and love to share my successes and failures.  I love to try to make everything myself.  I save boxes, containers, jars and cans just incase I need them for “something”.  I am a yard sale, auction, flea market and thrift store shopper! I hate to pay full price for anything.  I try to eat healthy, but it doesn’t always work…I am a coffee, soda, chocolate and SWEET addict! On top of all of that I work full-time as an office manager and have returned to school to finish my business degree.  I love to share with others what I’ve made, bought and cooked on a modest budget and limited time.  I tend to take the simplest approach… the fewer the steps the better for me! I was born and raised in a small West Virginia town and I am definitely a country girl at heart! Plain and simple, jeans and t-shirts, biscuits and gravy, family and friends…that is me.

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