How does your garden grow?

Well if you are me not very well.  I have the blackest thumb ever.  Bubby brought a cabbage plant home before the end of the school year and was so excited. The only thing he had to do to win a prize was to grow a healthy cabbage and bring a picture of him with his cabbage back to school this fall.  I thought how hard can it be to grow one cabbage, apparently harder than we thought.  His poor cabbage looks the same today as the day he brought it home 2 months ago.

Lucky for me my dad is an awesome gardener!  He has a little garden in his back yard for my mom to use daily, and he and my great uncle have a much larger garden outside of town.  For the past few summers I have been lucky enough to visit my parents during the summer and have my mom teach me how to can.  She has been canning since a small child, it was a normal part of their summer.  She told me a story about how each age group of kids had different jobs.  The worst job being for the littlest kids, jar washing! Since they had the smallest hands, they made the best jar washers, she couldn’t wait to grow out of that job!

We had so much fun this summer canning tomatoes, chili sauce, tomato juice, hot pepper butter, and blackberries.  My mom had already canned green beans and corn for me before I visited.  I am so grateful to have have my pantry stocked with all the wonderful vegetables my dad grew and my mom and I canned.

Thanks for all of your hard work mom and dad!


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