Mom, I’m bored!

That must mean summertime is officially here.  I am worried about hearing these dreaded words way to many times this summer.  With us being in a new state, and not having any kids near us, I figured I better have some ideas lined up for those “down” days.  So far I have come up with forty-two activities for my son to choose from throughout the summer.  I’m sure we won’t get around to doing all of these, but It will be nice to have list on hand to help us out when we can’t think of anything to do.

  1. Sign up at library for their Summer
    Reading Program
  2. Plant a container garden
  3. Make a scrapbook of everything you do this summer
  4. Have a picnic
  5. Write a letter to solider(my nephew)
  6. Become a photographer for the day
  7. Go to the drive-in
  8. Plan, shop for and make dinner for family
  9. Bake some cookies
  10. Play mini-golf
  11. Do science project
  12. Go backpacking
  13. Go outside and find 10 different kinds of flowers
  14. Go camping
  15. Come up with new trail-mix and make it
  16. Attend VBS
  17. Go to city pool
  18. Visit the zoo
  19. Have a winter theme party
  20. Visit local theme park
  21. Have a family game night
  22. Paint pottery
  23. Go bowling
  24. Make a movie
  25. Go canoeing
  26. Go to a museum
  27. Tie-dye some t-shirts
  28. Outside water fun day
  29. Have a paper airplane contest
  30. Go without TV for a day
  31. Make something from recyclables
  32. Make homemade ice cream
  33. See a movie
  34. Make a piñata out of paper-mache
  35. Visit a National Park
  36. Roast marshmallows/hot dogs
  37. Go fishing
  38. Go Bird Watching
  39. Re-decorate bedroom
  40. Learn to play chess
  41. Go horseback riding
  42. Sports Camp

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