Thursday Night Dinner

Since I knew we would be at the ball fields all night I made dinner early today (didn’t get home until 9:30!). It was a gorgeous day, perfect for an antipasto salad! Along with the salad we had sandwiches and chips.

My antipasto salad recipe:

1 bag Wacky Mac Veggie Spirals Pasta cooked

1 Bottle Ken’s 3 Cheese Italian Dressing

1/4 pound Hard Salami (cubed)

1/4 pound Pepperoni (cubed)

1/pound Mozzarella Cheese (cubed)

1/4 pound Provolone Cheese (cubed)

1 Can black olives sliced

1 Cucumber seeded and diced

1 Yellow Pepper diced

1 Container Grape Tomatoes (I usually slice them)

Mix all ingredients together and enjoy! You could add red onions, none of us really like onions so I leave them out. This recipe makes enough for us to have it for lunch for a couple of days!

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