Kroger Deals

I went to Kroger tonight and scored a few good deals.  The first was on 2 Old Spice Body Wash and 2 Old Spice Deodorant.  They were 2 for $7.00.  I had a BOGO Free Coupons making them 2 for $3.50. To make it even sweeter before I left the house I went to and loaded a $3.00 off coupon for the body wash and a $3.00 off coupon for the deodorant on my Kroger frequent shopper card.  So in the end I ended up only paying $1.00 for all 4!! The next deal was Lady Speed Stick. Kroger has them for $1.00, I used my $0.50 off coupon, which Kroger doubled making it $1.00 off, so it was free! I got 2 Mirro make-up brushes for $0.50 each after using the $5.00 off coupon I printed on  I scored more free Ronzoni Pasta, and 4 cans of Pillsbury Refrigerated Cinnamon Rolls for $0. 63 each.  I did some more grocery shopping with coupons and  I had to get meat and produce which I didn’t have coupons for. In the end I paid $36.00 for $90.oo worth of groceries.  So all in all I would say it was a good Couponing night!


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