Some Coupon Tips

  1. Watch for items that are buy-one get-one free. Most stores will let you use a coupon on each item.
  2. Try not to be so “brand loyal” to save the most money.  If you have a coupon to get an item for next to nothing, but it is not usually the brand you use, try it out!
  3. If a coupon says “off any size” it is often more profitable for you to buy the smallest size.  If the coupon doesn’t have a size listed the same applies.
  4. Make sure all of your coupons are deducted.  I count how many coupons I give the cashier, then check my receipt to make sure they were all deducted. Also Watch for price discrepancies and mistakes while checking out.  You are trying to save money!
  5. Always get a raincheck if the sale item is out of stock.  I recently had the manager sign my coupons because they were going to expire before the items were restocked.  So now when I go back not only will I be able to get the items at the sale price, I will still be able to use my coupons!
  6. Always keep a list of items you need and watch for these items to go on sale and for coupons.
  7. NEVER go shopping hungry.  This is where the tip I gave you before about keeping snacks and drinks in the car come in handy.
  8. Trips to convenience store can blow you weekly budget.  Try to avoid this at all costs.
  9. You may have to go to more than one store to get the best savings.
  10. Most important have fun! Enjoy your savings!

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