My Super deal today!

So I stopped by CVS today to pick up a few deals I knew about. This is what I ended up with…

I spent $3.69 out of pocket and received $5.00 back in ExtraBucks, that is like me making a profit of $1.31!  I find it easiest to sit down with the store flyer and my coupons and figure out the best deals from there.  It is also good to check out coupon blogs to see their best deal ideas.  They offer a lot of printable coupons.  You have to become familiar with coupon lingo to make sense of most of the blogs, so make sure to read one of their “coupon101” posts.  I walked out of Walgreens 2 nights ago with a bag of Friskies cat food, 5 Reach toothbrushes and had two of my computer injets refilled and only spent $2.72.  I am off to Kroger tonight for some groceries.  I know most professional couponers come out of the store with the store paying them, but my goal is to save at least 40% of my total.   I will let you know! ~Cheers!


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