CVS Sunscreen

Right now you can go to CVS and buy two of the small 2oz CVS SPF 30 Sunblock for $2.19 each and receive an ExtraBuck for $5.00.  These are great to keep in your purse, diaper bag, or car.  With all the ballgames and beach days I know you’all need to get your sunscreen!!  Also, if your CVS has one of the CVS Reinventing Beauty Flyers you can use the coupons out of it (or you can go to and print coupons) for the Irish Spring and SoftSoap Body Washes which would make them $1.99 each.  Pay for them with the ExtraBucks you just got from your sunscreen (you may have to throw a candy bar in there so you don’t loose money) and you pay nothing out of pocket.  You then receive a $2.00 ExtraBuck for each one(limit of 2) of the body washes for a total of $4.00 in ExtraBucks.  There are many different scenarios, this is just a couple basic ones. ~Cheers!


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