My super deal of the day

I went to grocery store today to pick up a few things I needed.  We all know that is is hard to run into a store and not run out without spending a fortune, at least for most of us women.

1 doz eggs, 2 packs sausage gravy mix (I know, I know, why not just make it from flour, well for some reason I am probably the only woman from WV who can’t make decent breakfast gravy), 2 boxes of Parkay Margarine,  2 packs of Scott Bathroom Tissue, 1 20-pack Kotex, 4 Sauve Deodorants, 2 Scotch Brite All Natural Sponges, 1 tub of Bestlife Evolution spread, 1 pound Jimmy Dean sausage, 3 large cans Pillsbury Grand Biscuits( I know why not homemade), 1 jumbo roll paper towels.

Total before my coupons- $29.40

Total after coupons- $15.65

It has not even been a week since I started “couponing” so this is great for a beginner.  I actually walked out of Walgreens yesterday with them paying me $5.00.  These are only a couple examples of the deals I got this week.  You wouldn’t eve believe the deal I got at Publix.  I will take a picture of my receipt and post it! ~Cheers!


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